Export Packing

There are proper types of packing for each type of goods.  Proper packing is essential to ensure that nothing gets damaged during transit.  Our packing division deals with the special requirements of extremely delicate electronic equipment, sculptures, paintings, antiques, artifacts crystal, china, etc.  In addition the department takes care of safe transportation, carefully chosen itineraries, suitable insurance cover, inspection, and general surveillance of the goods.

Although Aero International will take much of the tension and strain out of your overseas removal, there are a number of things which you can do prior to the arrival of our packing team.

(a) INFLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE ITEMS:- There are of course, in most homes items which must not be included with normal household and personal effects.These include such things as cellulose, paints, gas cylinders, methylated spirits etc. These items are classified as “HAZARDOUS CARGO” and special permission must be obtained from the shipping lines for acceptance of  such goods. 

(b) REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZERS:-  Must be disconnected from electricity source approximately twelve hours before packing starts

(c)  GARDEN EQUIPMENT:- All garden equipment and tools to be shipped must be cleaned and assembled together in one location.

(d)  ELECTRIC AND GAS APPLIANCES:-  Cookers, fryers and other appliances should be disconnected and cleaned. clocks, wall fans, air condition units etc. should be disconnected and assembled together in one location


Usually, unless you have requested assistance from us you should prepare items of personal clothing for owner packing, in special cartons to be supplied by us.  It is important to remember NOT to pack articles that your family will be wearing and may require during your journey overseas, also dependent on your destination, bear in mind

the climatic conditions that may be experienced upon your arrival.

Most Insurance Companies will not cover against the risk of breakage or chipping unless fragile articles are professionally packed.  Consequently, DO NOT attempt to pack such articles yourself unless you have been advised to the contrary.  Leave us to take apart dressing tables, wardrobes, bedsteads and other huge articles.


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