Import Logistics

Aero International expertise and knowledge of the current customs practices, procedures and regulations; enable cargo to move expeditiously and efficiently through customs.

As a leading technologically - based Licensed Customs Brokers, We exercise strict management control of all shipping documentation to ensure maximum standards compliance thus facilitating the Customs Clearance Process.

  • Pre- and post-Entry Filing for Top Urgent Shipments.
  • Temporary Importation filing, processing and execution of the re-export process.
  • Accelerated Entry Process.
  • General Custom’s Clearance.
  • In-Bond Processing.
  • Security escort for High Value Cargo.
  • Import and Export processing for: Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Film and special events.
  • SPECIAL PROJECT Clearance.
  • DIPLOMATIC SHIPMENT, FINE ART, Household/Personal effects and General international relocation CLEARANCE.


Prior to the importation of a commodity, a Customs Consultant is often asked to advise on matters relative to Customs Duties, Processes and Procedures. Expertise in this area is of vital importance to ensure clearance of the goods through Customs on arrival, and the expeditious delivery to the Importer.
Naturally, some of the functions are similar to those performed by a Forwarder when
exporting, but in the reverse order. The functions set out below are intended to give a brief insight into Aero International's Customs Consultant and Brokerage Services.
Notification of the arrival of goods is given by the Airline, Shipping Agent, or Forwarder, initially to the consignee or his Agent if the Waybill is so addressed. The Importer may instruct the Agent to effect clearance of the consignment on their behalf.
The agent, having all necessary information and documentation will proceed.
As with exports, where goods leaving the country must be recorded, there are legal requirement for all goods entering the country to be declared. The Commissioner of Customs and Excise has the responsibility to Parliament for the collection of Customs and Excise Duties, in accordance with the Law.
The rates of Import Duties and Taxes are fixed according to the items classification, 
origin and its intended use. A full list of goods, their classification and rates,
are intimized in an official publication known as the Customs Tariff.
The Customs Tariff is supplemented by a series of Customs Notices, which are continuously up-dated. These set out the particular procedures and regulations applicable to the different types of goods.
Tariff Classification, rate of duties and taxes applicable,and reason for importation must be established - ie, HOME USE,TEMPORARY IMPORTS, RE-IMPORT,etc



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